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MacDonnell is a firm of professionals who create exceptional places for people to live, learn, work and play. Specializing in Innovative Engineering, Management Consulting, Maritime Security Training and Risk Management. MacDonnell takes an interdisciplinary approach to projects, inspired by its belief that people are what matter.

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The only program of it's kind in North America is a making a difference in the management and competitiveness of North American ports. The CPE Certified Port Executive Program gives participants the tools and knowledge to make their organization more competitive.

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Whether it is research and development, the introduction of new design in civil engineering, Structural Health Monitoring, Corrosion Free Bridge Decks, or the design of bridges, ports and civil infrastructure, the expertise and services we have to offer come from our highly qualified people, our extensive list of successful projects, and an unparalleled commitment to our clients.  

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MacDonnell Security Risk Management provides a wide range of comprehensive Security Solutions to ensure you remain compliant with MTSR/DFSR Regulations. We combine extensive risk management knowledge and industry operational experience to assist you with identifying and managing your risks while maintaining efficiency.

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MacDonnell provides training and risk management solutions to meet the needs of our clients from coast to coast. Cost-effective and timely training programs which help you meet the objective of remaining abreast of regulatory changes, best practices in the industry, and changing technology and security requirements.

To enroll in all Facility, Vessel and Ferry Security Training Classes
call 24/7 toll free 1.866.381.0461
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Performing Security Drills and Exercises - New in 2011

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This 2-day course will provide a comprehensive overview of how to prepare, execute, and document outcomes of drills and exercises required by Transport Canada. This course is aimed at personnel involved in drills and exercises including Security Guards, vessel/facility personnel with security responsibilities, first responders, government officials, and auditors of these activities. The course material has been developed to meet the requirements of the both the Marine Transportation Security Regulations and the Domestic Ferries Security Regulations.

security2Key Topics Include:

  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Linkages to Security Plan
  • Planning, design, and co-ordination
  • Execution
  • Reporting, documentation, and action
  • Case Studies and best practices
  • One day workshop providing hands-on practical experience


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Performing Security Procedures - New in 2011

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This one day course will provide clear guidance on measuring the effectiveness of security procedures. The course material has been developed to ensure participants recognize the key elements of the Marine Transportation Security Regulations and the Domestic Ferries Security Regulations and incorporate them into effective procedures.

This course has been designed to assist vessel/marine facility security officers, ferry/ferry facility security officers, and corporate security supervisors and managers responsible for the design and implementation of security procedures.

SecurityProceduresKey Topics Include:

  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Linkages to Security Plan
  • Evaluating and enhancing procedures
  • Measuring outcomes
  • Case Studies that challenge procedures
  • Best practices response
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This interactive course is comprised of 18 hours of classroom activity, usually delivered over a 3 day period. It is designed to meet the needs of those individuals requiring the skills to perform internal audits of security management systems according to the MTSR Regulations. The focus of the course is on group exercises and workshops that deliver hands-on practical auditing experience.


auditortrainingKey topics include:

  • Inspection requirements for Marine Facility Security Officers and Vessel Security Officers
  • Auditing the Security Procedures
  • Auditing Drills and Exercises
  • Period Reviews of the Security Documents and Security Plan
  • Audit Reports and the Issue of Amendments


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Ferry Security Officer (FSO)


This 3-day course will provide a comprehensive overview of the security requirements of the Domestic Ferries Security Regulations as they relate to the day-today operations of a vessel. This course is designed to provide the required training to assist the designated FSO with the performance of duties as outlined in the these Regulations. The course will detail the responsibilities of an FSO. The course material has been developed to meet requirements of the Domestic Ferries Security Regulations as they pertain to domestic ferries. ·




  • Documentation – Security Certificate
  • Regulatory Requirements · Personnel
  • Security Responsibilities
    Ship Security Assessments and Plans
  • Restricted Areas and Access Control
  • Security Procedures
  • Security Drills, Exercises, and Record Keeping
  • Threat Identification, Recognition and response


If you wish to register for a course that is within two weeks of the posted training date, please call 1.902.425.3980 to confirm availability. Please complete one registration form for each attendee. If you have more than 5 registrants per course please contact us for group enrollment and to learn more about group pricing.

Once you complete your online registration for this program you will be redirected to a secure checkout page for payment. If you prefer, you may Download the Registration Form and return by email or fax at your convenience.


Bank Transfers: Please contact our office at 1.902.425.3980


Program Contact:

Robert Salisbury

1505 Barrington Street, Suite 1100
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3K5 Canada

f. 902.423.7593

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Ferry Security Officer (FSO)—2011

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This 3-day course is designed for Ferry Security Officers who need to qualify under the ISPS Code requirements to meet the rapidly evolving security requirements in the maritime security world. You will leave this course prepared to implement your ship security programs. A certificate of proficiency under Transport Canada guidelines will be issued to successful graduates.


vsoKey Topics Include:

  • Introduction and Regulatory Requirements
  • Risk Management Basis for Maritime Security
  • Security Assessments for Port, Port Facilities, and Ships
  • Security Plans (Port, Port Facility, Company, Ship, and Port Administration)
  • Security Program Implementation and Internal Audit Programs


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Company Security Officer (CSO)—2010

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This 4-day Company Security Officer course is designed for security and administration over a fleet of vessels. The course will detail the responsibilities of a Company Security Officer. Course material is developed to meet requirements of Parts 2 and 8 of the Marine Transportations Security Regulations:


csoKey Topics Include:

  • Policy and Responsibilities
  • Ship Security Assessments and Plans
  • Ship Security Equipment
  • Threat Identification, Recognition and Response
  • Security Actions and Administration


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Ferry Crew With Security Responsibilities (FWSR)—1300

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This one day course consists of six training modules covering relevant areas of concern for security personnel. This program provides the required training for persons with security responsibilities under the MTSR. Persons With Security Responsibilities working in compliant facilities are required to obtain relevant training.


ferry-crewKey Topics Include:
  • Pre-Arrival Procedures
  • Interfacing Activities
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Response Procedures
  • Weapons and Explosives Devices
  • Person and Vehicle Searches


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Ferry Crew With Security Awareness (FWSA)—1400

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The course is completed within 4 hrs and covers: Employers of personnel who work on vessels are required by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) to train ALL CREW, even those without specific security duties in certain subjects. The course is completed within 4 hrs and candidates will receive a ISPS Code All Crew Security Awareness certificate issued by MacDonnell Security Training.

fwsaKey Topics Include:

  • Maritime Security Awareness and Developments
  • Canadian Maritime Security Framework
  • Security Plan Requirements
  • Weapons, Explosive Devices, Searches and Response Procedures



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