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The only program of it's kind in North America is a making a difference in the management and competitiveness of North American ports. The CPE Certified Port Executive Program gives participants the tools and knowledge to make their organization more competitive.

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Whether it is research and development, the introduction of new design in civil engineering, Structural Health Monitoring, Corrosion Free Bridge Decks, or the design of bridges, ports and civil infrastructure, the expertise and services we have to offer come from our highly qualified people, our extensive list of successful projects, and an unparalleled commitment to our clients.  

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MacDonnell Security Risk Management provides a wide range of comprehensive Security Solutions to ensure you remain compliant with MTSR/DFSR Regulations. We combine extensive risk management knowledge and industry operational experience to assist you with identifying and managing your risks while maintaining efficiency.

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MacDonnell provides training and risk management solutions to meet the needs of our clients from coast to coast. Cost-effective and timely training programs which help you meet the objective of remaining abreast of regulatory changes, best practices in the industry, and changing technology and security requirements.

Port Canaveral adds Nine to CPE CERTIFIED PORT EXECUTIVE™ Alumni 2014 | Print |

January 23, 2014 Port Canaveral, Florida.

Canaveral port Authority demonstrated their commitment to employee development recently by hosting the CPE Certified Port Executive™ Program. Thirteen alumni were added to the CPE CERTIFIED PORT EXECUTIVE™ Program. This course was unique in that the majority of the attendees were from Port Canaveral. They joined David Perley, Senior Director of Construction and Infrastructure, who graduated from the Miami course in May 2013. This is an excellent example of building a port management team that is working from a common frame of reference learning.

Port Canaveral first started as a cargo and vessel port for both the military and commercial use in 1953. It continued to develop strongly, and was able to successfully become one of the world’s leading cruise ship ports. Port Canaveral has an admirable history of adaptability that is becoming more valued in the evolving port and transportation industry. Their strong history clearly displays their dedication to professional development of the workforce.

By adding the CPE CERTIFIED PORT EXECUTIVE™ credentials to many of their managers, Port Canaveral is giving their managers the knowledge to individually make a more effective contribution to the organization, and to function more effectively as a team.


From left to right: Bob Callahan, Jim Dubea, Bo Ethridge, Karen Papas, David German, Diana Mims-Reid, Rodger Rees,
Shannon Feeley, Mark Warner, Peggy Gandiaga, Albert Jendroch, Edilberto Moreno, Mark Lorusso, Captain  Jeffrey Monroe

Both the Port Canaveral attendees and those from other organizations were pleased with the experience.

“Having worked in the private sector prior to joining Port Canaveral, I had zero knowledge of Ports and the maritime industry.  As a well-rounded IT professional, I strive to understand the business and industry that I serve.  The CPE Certified Port Executive Course has given me practical and relevant knowledge of the industry, which serves as the basis for making prudent technology recommendations for my organization. I would recommend the CPE course to both new and experienced Port professionals – you are guaranteed to learn something new!” stated Mark Lorusso, Senior Director, Information Technology at Canaveral Port Authority

Port veterans also feel the industry needs these types of programs. “The class was probably the most valuable class I have attended in the port authority. This class should be mandatory for port supervisors who follow a career path at a port authority,” said Bob Callahan, Vice President of Operations at the Port of Tampa, on the completion of the program. It can be said that the course provides individuals with the knowledge to both progress their careers as well as management in ports.

The CPE CERTIFIED PORT EXECUTIVE™ designation was given to the following:

Jim Dubea, Deputy Executive Director, Government and Strategic Partnerships, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Shannon Feeley, Assistant Director, Cargo, Business Development, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

David German, Senior Harbormaster, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Mark Lorusso, Sr. Director, Information Systems, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Mark Warner, Assistant Director, Terminal Operations, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Diana Mims-Reid, Controller, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Albert Jendroch, Assistant Director, Facilities, Maintenance and Landscaping, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Karen Pappas, Director, Purchasing and Policies, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Rodger Rees, Deputy Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, Canaveral Port Authority , Cape Canaveral, FL

Bob Callahan, Vice President of Operations, Tampa Port Authority, Tampa, FL

Edilberto Moreno, Operations Manager, Buckeye Partner, Tampa, FL

Bo Etheridge, Shoreline Development, Biloxi, MS

Peggy S. Gandiaga, Director of Commission Affairs, Port of Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, FL

Company President Ralston MacDonnell congratulated the graduates and reiterated the company objectives for the program by saying, “Port competitiveness is impacted by knowledge. The expanded knowledge of the graduates will bring positive change to the port industry and transportation system at large.”

North American port operators play a vital role in the global transportation supply chain and are constantly adapting to changes in the industry. Education in this sector allows people and organizations to remain competitive, accountable and innovative. The CPE CERTIFIED PORT EXECUTIVE™ program is unique in North America and has upwards of 200 participants to date.

This five day course is designed to provide participants with both professional education related to the transportation system and the operations of ports, vessels and marine terminals. The course covers rapidly changing regulations and requirements that affect ports, marine facilities, intermodal transportation providers, vessels, and a diverse range of service providers. The program gives participants the tools and knowledge to make their organizations more effective, and has drawn the attention of a broad cross section of executives from all over North America.

The program is evolving as a distinctive new learning pathway for professionals in the port world.  Course topics include; an overview of the worldwide intermodal transportation system; port and terminal operations; cargo management; safety and security; emergency planning and response; public and media relations; environmental management; and strategic, master, and business planning.

The Cape Canaveral course was delivered by Captain Jeffrey Monroe, CPE, MM, MTM, a licensed master mariner with a Master’s Degree in Transportation Management.

About MacDonnell Group:

MacDonnell has been providing engineering and management consulting services to its clients for over 50 years. The Halifax-based company provides port management and seaport security training as a business focus. MacDonnell offers MARAD and Transport Canada approved instructor-led and online training solutions for the more than 4 million port workers in North America. The company also provides the PORTSTAR™ Seaport Security Training System to numerous United States ports, terminal operators and security organizations. MacDonnell has hosted a number of successful conferences in the past and will be hosting the fourth Port Security Conference Operations Conference in Miami. The Port Security Operations Conference will be held in the coming year during March 16 – 18. The increasingly popular CPE Certified Port Executive ™ Program is offered throughout North America to industry professionals.

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