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BOWOOD_mapBOWOOD is a campus-like development in beautiful Shelburne, Nova Scotia that overlooks one of the world’s most attractive deep-water harbours. Shelburne also boasts breathtaking wilderness areas surrounding crystal clear lakes, beautiful beaches, and the roaring ocean.

BOWOOD is a mixed use community development consisting of 11 primary buildings with more than 132,000 ft² (40,234 m²) of building space. Buildings available for lease include space for institutional, office, business, fitness, training, exhibition and residential use and are spaciously located on more than 200 acres of land, with the buildings contained in a well-developed core.

The land is fully serviced with water, waste treatment and paved roads. In addition to office and training spaces, the facility can provide ample dining and overnight accommodations. Most buildings are HVAC system controlled, wheelchair-accessible, and are cable and high-speed/wireless internet-enabled.


  • Institutional and office space development occupy approximately 50 acres on the site.
  • Approximately 100 acres of the property will be developed as residential space in the long run.
  • This includes mixed-use housing for families, retirees and students. The facility offers considerable parkland and is surrounded by mature forest.


  • Modern business and community cluster
  • Contemporary office space
  • Ample on-site parking
  • Nestled in a quaint, rural setting
  • Minutes from major transportation route, Highway 103