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Maritime Security

Integrated Services

MacDonnell Security Risk Management offers integrated maritime security solutions for those port facilities that want to outsource all their maritime security obligations to one contractor. Some port facility operators employee their own guards, others contract just the guard service to private companies. In essence, this service provides both the professional and the labour components of the entire requirement for a port facility operator. Combining their needs in this fashion can usually be shown to reduce their overall security expenditures.


There are two types of these services offered:

1. Mobile Maritime Security Services

This is a temporary, short term service. The MacDonnell team will go to a client’s site to provide security sweeps, security barriers, continuous monitoring, access control and a host of other activities. These can be done on a one-time-only or recurring basis.

2. Customized Security Area Services

This is a customized security service that outsources most of the maritime security obligations that a port facility operator must have in place to remain as a compliant facility. It allows port facilities to have trained and recognized security personnel on site to perform all security duties as well as trained professionals to carry out the administrative requirements of the regulator. This can save facilities thousands of dollars a year in training and compliance costs, while still complying with the ISPS Code and Transport Canada Regulations.

Integrated Security Services are contracted for as multi-year contracts for the Customized Facility Services and on a standing order basis for Mobile Maritime Security Services.


Security Risk Management


A. Compliance Evaluations
Services to assist companies develop a corporate approach to compliance and stay current with International Maritime Organization and Transport Canada requirements.


B. Facility and Vessel Security Assessments
These services assess the compliance/non compliance of a facility. Security assessments include on site surveys, vulnerability, threat and risk analysis and a written report in the form required by the signature country.


C. Port Security Plans
The company prepares a marine facility security plan or a port administration security plan in accordance with ISPS Code regulations and the regulations of the country having jurisdiction, such as the Canadian Marine Transport Security Regulations. The company also prepares business plans related to the implementation of security plan measures including capital and operating costs forecasts, tariff setting and grant application management.


D. Transport Canada Documentation
The company can complete the documentation required by Transport Canada for compliance with the regulations.


E. Security Plan Audit
Facilities wishing to comply with domestic and international maritime regulations must implement and maintain an Audit Program for Maritime Security Auditing activities. Activities performed by MacDonnell include an annual audit exercise, periodic reviews of security documentation and audit inspections and security procedures.


F. Exercises, Assessments and Drills
Mandatory exercises and drills are developed and executed for customers on their site to allow them to remain a compliant facility.


G. Software Solutions
Software solutions are available to support and facilities a clients’ ship and port security assessments at an enterprise level or for an individual asset.
Risk Management Services are sold on a fee-for-service basis or as part of annual contract for Integrated Security Services.