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Port Worker or Crew Security Awareness (PWSA)—1400M
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Employers of port personnel and vessel crews are required by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) to have some basic maritime security awareness training.  In Canada, the training topics are defined in Section 214 and Section 308 of the Marine Transportation Security Regulations.  Candidates will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by MacDonnell Security Training Provider. 



To meet the regulatory training requirements and for port and vessel peronnel to have an appropriate knowledge base on maritime security requirements and understanding of relevant security measures being implemented within your marine facility or onboard your vessel.

Key Topics Include: The course is completed within 4 hrs and covers:

  • Maritime Security Awareness and Developments
  • Canadian Maritime Security Framework
  • Security Plan Requirements
  • Consent to search and authorized screening
  • Reporting suspicious persons, activities or objects 
  • Recognition of Weapons, Explosive Devices or other dangerous items
  • Performing Search Activities 
  • Implementing Response Procedures