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Performing Security Procedures

This one day course will provide clear guidance on measuring the effectiveness of security procedures. The course material has been developed to ensure participants recognize the key elements of the Marine Transportation Security Regulations and the Domestic Ferries Security Regulations and incorporate them into effective procedures.

This course has been designed to assist vessel/marine facility security officers, ferry/ferry facility security officers, and corporate security supervisors and managers responsible for the design and implementation of security procedures. This course will challenge participants on developing or mapping security procedures and having measurable elements to evaluate their effectiviness. 



To enhace skillsets in performing security procedures effectively and to learn techiques used in the indusrty for creating Security Procedures Manuals.  

Key course components include:

  • Security Procedures Regulated under MTSR or DFSR
  • Linkages of Security Procedures to the Security Plan
  • Understanding operational procedures verses response procedures
  • Understanding what can go wrong with your security procedures
  • Evaluating and enhancing security procedures
  • Mapping Procedural Steps
  • Understanding Measurable Outcomes
  • Case Studies to reinforce the theory presented 
  • Best practices on several specific security procedures