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Port Canaveral adds Nine to CPE CERTIFIED PORT EXECUTIVE™ Alumni

22 November 2013

Port Canaveral, Florida welcomed thirteen alumni to the CPE CERTIFIED PORT EXECUTIVE™ program last week.  Something that individualized this CPE CERTIFIED PORT EXECUTIVE™ course from all others is that the majority of the alumni were from the administration at Port Canaveral. They joined David Perley, Senior Director of Construction and Infrastructure, who graduated from the Miami course in May 2013. This was an excellent example of creating a port management team that can help the port operate in an efficient and effective manner.

Port Canaveral first started as a cargo and vessel port for both the military and commercial use in 1953. It continued to develope strongly, played a role in the space program and has been able to successully become one of the world’s leading cruise ship ports. Port Canaveral has an admirable history of adaptabilty that is becoming more valued in the evolution of the port and transportation industry. Their strong history clearly displays a dedication to professional development of the port administration and workforce.

By adding the CPE CERTIFIED PORT EXECUTIVE™ to many of their managers, Port Canaveral is giving their management the knowledge individually and increasing their abilityto make a more effective contribution to the organization.

Others were in the program as well, including management from the Port of Tampa, Biloxi and Palm Beach.

The class was probably the most valuable class I have attended in the port authority. This class should be mandatory for port supervisors who follow a career path at a port authority,” said Bob Callahan, Vice President of Operations at the Port of Tampa, unpon the completion of the program. It can be said that the course provides individuals with the knowledge to both progress their careers as well as management in ports.

Cape Canaveral CPE alumni 2013

The CPE CERTIFIED PORT EXECUTIVE™ designation was given to the following:

Jim Dubea, Deputy Executive Director, Government and Strategic Partnerships, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Shannon Feeley, Assistant Director, Cargo, Business Development, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

David German, Senior Harbormaster, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Mark Lorusso, Sr. Director, Information Systems, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Mark Warner, Assistant Director, Terminal Operations, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Diana Mims-Reid, Controller, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Albert Jendroch, Assistant Director, Facilities, Maintenance and Landscaping, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Karen Pappas, Director, Purchasing and Policies, Canaveral Port Authority, Cape Canaveral, FL

Rodger Rees, Deputy Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, Canaveral Port Authority , Cape Canaveral, FL

Bob Callahan, Vice President of Operations, Tampa Port Authority, Tampa, FL

Edilberto Moreno, Operations Manager, Buckeye Partner, Tampa, FL

Bo Etheridge, Shoreline Development, Biloxi, MS

Peggy S. Gandiaga, Director of Commission Affairs, Port of Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, FL


Company President Ralston MacDonnell commented, “Team participation is a knowledge enabler for management teams. Organizations often choose to send multiple participants to the same program. The benefit is the development of a common language among the management team which translates into the immediate understanding of organization-specific challenges, goals and objectives.”

North American port operators play a vital role in the global transportation supply chain and are constantly adapting to changes in the industry. Education in this sector allows people and organizations to remain competitive, accountable and innovative. The CPE CERTIFIED PORT EXECUTIVE™ program is unique in North America and has upwards of 200 participants to date.

This five day course is designed to provide participants with professional education related to the transportation system and the operations of ports, vessels and marine terminals. The course covers rapidly changing regulations and requirements that affect ports, marine facilities, intermodal transportation providers, vessels, and a diverse range of service providers. The program gives participants tools and knowledge to make their organization more effective and has drawn the attention of a broad cross section of executives from all over North America.

The program is evolving as a distinctive new learning pathway for professionals in the port world.  Course topics include an overview of the worldwide intermodal transportation system; port and terminal operations; cargo management; safety and security; emergency planning and response; public and media relations; environmental management; and strategic, master, and business planning.

The Cape Canaveral course was delivered by Captain Jeffrey Monroe, CPE, MM, MTM, a licensed master mariner with a Master’s Degree in Transportation Management.