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Structural Health Monitoring is rapidly being recognized as an effective tool in the management of bridges and other structures. MacDonnell’s Signal Structural Health Monitoring system is based on the premise that owners need to know for sure. Public safety is not an option. And with hundreds of thousands of people at risk, it is vital to keep your structure safe and sound.

But how can you know for sure? Often structures go through routine retrofits based on laboratory statistics, resulting in massive volumes of building materials headed for landfills, and millions of dollars of unnecessary upgrades. The alternative is to wait and hope for the best… at the peril of the public and your credibility.

What if you could know for sure? Instead of speculating on future risk, you can rely on a simple signal that tells you second-by-second that all is well, and tells you exactly when and how your structure’s performance is compromised. Know for sure. SIGNAL gives you the facts you need based on real-time monitoring of the performance and status of your structure - delivered via a simple signal to your desktop. Now, you can delay or refine your retrofit decisions based on exact data when the time is right, knowing your public is protected.




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