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"Corrosion-induced damage of bridge decks results in excessive cracking and spalling in the concrete that leads to a loss of serviceability, ultimately affecting the structural safety of the bridge. The rehabilitation costs of deteriorated decks account for about one-third to one-half of total bridge maintenance costs in North America.” Construction Innovation, December 2004 Institute for Research in Construction.



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MacDonnell and JMBT staff and partners have training and experience with the analysis, design, installation, operation and management of CFBD for bridges, marine and other structures

The second-generation steel free bridge deck slab offers exceptional dead load reductions, corrosion free bridges with lower capital and lifecycle costs than normally steel reinforced concrete deck slabs.


CFBD advantages:

Reduces thickness of deck slabs hence reducing dead load of structure
Produces additional load capacity
Extends life of structure
Costs less to construct
Costs less to maintain


VLSSI Corrosion Free Bridge Deck Technology is protected by patent owned by VLSSI and available for use by silence only. Contact VLSSI at: VLSSI (Vaughan Load Supporting Structures Inc)-902-425-398.