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MacDonnell is a firm of professionals who create exceptional places for people to live, learn, work and play. Specializing in innovative engineering, management consulting, security training and cultural productions, MacDonnell takes an interdisciplinary approach to projects, inspired by its belief that people are what matter. Ports, buildings, bridges, land developments, major events and conferences are the business of the company. Halifax is the base and services are delivered globally.

MacDonnell offers learning programs that strengthen the industry training and talent development.

The CPE Certified Port Executive Program™ has developed an extensive alumni of over 500 senior managers from the seaport and terminal operations industry. MacDonnell offers MARAD and Transport Canada approved instructor-led and online training solutions for the more than 4 million port workers in North America. MacDonnell provides the PORTSTAR™ Seaport Security Training System to numerous United States ports, terminal operators and security organizations.To support continuous professional development in the industry and improve practices through information exchange, MacDonnell hosts an annual series of conferences in North America.Originally established in 2006, this conference and expo has evolved into a bi-annual gathering of senior port management professionals from all facets of port, terminal and supply chain partner operations in America and around the globe.

Innovative Engineering allows us to capture the brightest professionals and apply their expertise for creative solutions in the built environment. The evolution of the engineering practice to include an educational component has been natural. MacDonnell has developed new opportunities for management and technical professionals to learn in unique and innovative ways. The PORT SECURITY CONFERENCE OF CANADA Conference and Expo and BRIDGELIFE ™ Bridge Safety & Longevity Conference & Expo are examples of how large groups gain access to hands on knowledge in a truly interactive networking environment.

Our Management Consulting and Project Management Services allow unique ideas and control to be present as we bring projects from concept to completion.

Our vision has been created from the belief that the company can make a contribution to our society that goes beyond simply executing individual projects. As a consequence, we attempt to have our project activity contribute to change that benefits the community at large. Similarly, we endeavor to maintain a relationship between all of our practice areas so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Company services have evolved from primarily a consulting engineering practice to a group of practice areas and activities that allow us to use the experience of half a century in business to benefit our clients.